What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars


Many people are attracted to terrarium. Lizards, snails, spiders. all of these creatures are unlike ordinary pets. They have a special appearance, behavior and it is interesting to observe them. Eublefar. A wonderful pet for beginners. His signature smile has long been a hallmark. He is easily tamed and does not require special care.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Breeding eublefara is not difficult for beginners

general characteristics

The spotted eublefar (sometimes called the leopard) is a member of the gecko family. It belongs to semi-desert lizards. In nature, it can be found in semi-fixed sands and rocky foothills.. Eublefar lizard found:

  • on rocky slopes without vegetation;
  • in semi-steppes;
  • in the steppes.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Eublefar native habitat steppe and semi-steppe zones

Distributed in such countries: Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. The body length with a tail is about 30 cm, females are shorter than males. The color is mostly yellow or gray, dark spots are scattered throughout the body. On the tail, two or three rings are sometimes visible. Under natural conditions, males live for about 10 years, single females. 8 years old, constantly breeding females. 4 years. In captivity, the life of individuals lasts about 20 years.

Eublefar lizards lead a twilight and nocturnal lifestyle. During the day they hide under stones and in caves. They feed on arthropod larvae, small animals , including ones like them. Lizards are social. Form a group of male and several females. The male protects his territory from the invasion of other males.

In captivity, they breed easily, live long and come in a variety of colors (morphs), so they are popular among terrariums.

Terrarium arrangement

The content of eublefar at home is allowed only in the terrarium. Only in it you can create a comfortable temperature and humidity level. One individual needs a volume of at least 60–70 liters. For a group of three individuals, a larger terrarium will be required, it is better that it be horizontal, since it is important for them to run a lot.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Eublefar lizard is best kept in glass lid terrariums

The terrarium itself can be made of glass. Be sure to make a lid, as lizards can scatter. The advantage of this type of material is that it allows you to make a container of any volume. But moving or moving it will be uncomfortable due to weight.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Terrarium with eublefar must be heated

The correct content of eublefar (gecko) requires compliance with the temperature regime. Lizards are cold-blooded creatures, but without heat they do not digest food. The easiest way to organize the bottom heating. under the terrarium they put a thermal mat or a thermal cord. A budget option. dryers for shoes. They are buried in the ground. The temperature in the container should be within 32 ° C. One corner or ¼ of the terrarium should be heated. Thus, a temperature difference is achieved. In the warm season, the heating is turned off at night. The difference favorably affects the well-being of pets.

Shelters are necessarily placed over the entire area of ​​the tank. Halves of coconut (without pulp) or special stone houses are suitable. In a warm corner, a wet container is required. A small container with a moist substrate.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Cubs of the Eublefar lizard need to create special conditions

As soil use special or ordinary door mats. For adults, stones and pebbles are suitable. Do not use sand, as a lizard can swallow it. For this reason, any shallow soil is prohibited. Kids are kept on wet wipes and paper towels.

Pet care

It’s easy to care for eublefars. For drinkers use any small capacity. Lizards can lick water droplets from the terrarium, so if you regularly spray it, then there will be no need for a drinker.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Eublefaras love flour worms

In nature, eublefars feed on various insects, do not disdain their young. At home, it is optimal to feed them with crickets and cockroaches. They give zoophobus and flour worm as goodies. Do not abuse them, as they lead to obesity.

In summer they give the following insects:

  • grasshoppers;
  • locusts;
  • caterpillars
  • butterflies (not hairy).

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Despite the fact that some eublefara lizards love fruits, do not give them in large quantities

An adult is fed 2-3 times a week (about 10 crickets at a time). Necessarily need vitamins and minerals.

Domestic species do not need wintering. However, hibernation is needed to stimulate reproduction. To do this, gradually reduce the temperature and reduce daylight hours. The rest period lasts approximately two months.

Possible problems

In Russia, the popularity of lizards led to the creation of a club for fans of eublefars. His activity is not only the popularization of terrarium animals, but also help lovers. Not all cities have qualified veterinarians.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

Despite the ease of care for eublefars, it is necessary to remember about possible complications

Dangerous disease. it is rickets. From a lack of calcium, the legs are bent. They can be an X or a wheel. When you try to go, they will turn up. The next stage is the curvature of the spine, and this entails the death of the individual.

Tail. health indicator. It should not be dry, shabby and thin. The dried tip may indicate that the lizard is poorly shed. The peculiarity of eublefars is the ability to discard the tail. They do this at a time of great fear or stress. The new tail does not affect the health of the pet. But if it grows again, then there are no pimples on it and it is smooth.

Leopard Gecko. photo, reproduction, gecko conditions


The reptile inhabits the arid regions of Afghanistan and Iran. Iraq Northern India, Pakistan. Avoid open sands. Active at dusk and at night. During the day, hides in the cracks of rocks, burrows and other shelters. It feeds on various insects, as well as those small vertebrates that it can handle.
When kept in captivity, the gecko is unpretentious, which made it one of the most popular terrarium animals. Usually leopard geckos contain groups consisting of a male and 2-4 females. It is impossible to land males together even for a short time. They are very aggressive towards rivals and can cause each other serious ones. and even mortal wounds. Females in the group establish their hierarchy, but there are no fights between them.

Stock Foto Leopard Gecko

For 4-5 animals, a terrarium with an area of ​​at least 0.25 m: is required. Coarse sand, fine gravel are used as a substrate. If necessary, litter can serve as sawdust. There should be shelters in the terrarium. large fragments of ceramics, plastic or ceramic pipes, but the number corresponding to the number of animals. Eublefars willingly drink lacquered water with their tongues, so in a terrarium you need a container with water.
The optimum temperature is 27 ° C-0 ° C during the day, with a decrease at night to 20-23 ° C, which simulates diurnal differences. The duration of the bright period of the day. 12-14 hours.

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The food for these lizards is crickets, cockroaches, eoofobuses, and naked mice. In summer, you can give caught in the nature fillies, caterpillars, butterflies, larvae of the May beetle. For obvious reasons, feed insects should not be caught near busy highways.
Lizards have individual predilections for this or that kind of poverty. One of my females does not eat naked mice. but loves zoobus. The male, on the contrary, flatly refuses zoophobus, but eagerly eats naked mice. The latter should not be given to lizards in large quantities, as this can cause liver dysfunction.

About once a month, the food of adult animals needs to be fortified. I pollinate with powdered vitamins of crickets or give liquid vitamins directly to lizards in my mouth. With the same frequency, it is desirable to expose reptiles to ultraviolet radiation. For growing eublefars under the age of one year, food should be fortified with each feeding and regularly irradiated with ultraviolet light.
Starting food for juveniles are crickets and cockroaches 5-7 mm in size. It must be borne in mind that large crickets, given in large excess, if hungry, can cause live wounds. In my practice, there have been such cases. For the treatment of injuries, I used ointments Levosin, Levomekol, which prevent suppuration and promote rapid healing.

Reproduction of leopard geckos at home is not very difficult. To stimulate mating, you need to arrange an imitation of wintering: in January, stop feeding, lower the temperature to 15-18 ° C and reduce the length of daylight hours to 6-8 hours. The duration of such a "wintering". 4-6 weeks. Then you need to return all the conditions to the "summer" values.

Stock Foto Leopard Gecko

Shortly after the end of the wintering, the male will begin courtship. At the same time, he follows the female, raising her body high above the substrate, licking and slightly biting her body in front of her hind legs, vibrating with the tip of the tail. In the end of April. In early May, the female lays two oblong eggs of a dirty white color with a length of about 3 cm. It is better to immediately remove them from the terrarium, since it is difficult to provide the necessary conditions for the incubation and preservation of the eggs.

I (he was packing eggs in a small 0.5-liter jar with a sphagnum layer on the bottom. The moss should be very wet, but not wet. Once leaving for the cottage I forgot to moisten the substrate. When I returned, I saw that the eggs were very wrinkled and the sphagnum was completely dry Very upset, I still didn’t throw away the masonry and dampened the substrate liberally. Three days later, the eggs regained their former shape and two charming little geckos hatched from them in due time.
However, in this case we are talking about eggs in the middle of the incubation
cycle. What will happen to those who have just been postponed or vice versa, to those from which the cubs are about to hatch, I do not know and I’m not sure that everything will end happily. Therefore, it is better to monitor the humidity in the incubator.
Embryo development takes about two months. If you incubate the eggs at a temperature of 27-28 ° C. then females hatch mainly, and if at 31-32 ° C, then males. This pattern is also characteristic of many other geckos. In just a spring-non-breeding season, the female can make up to
three clutches with an interval of 2-3 weeks. There are cases when eublefaras lay their eggs even without “wintering,” however, the spring-summer season of reproduction is preserved in them.

Young eublefaras have a very attractive striped color, which is gradually replaced by typical spotting for adults. By 6-7 months, they are almost no different from their parents. The appearance of lizards is largely individual. Having looked closely, you can learn to distinguish each of your pets in shape and number of spots. About 10 years ago, American herpetologists deduced a color form that is distinguished by a uniform color. At first, such eublefar seemed unlikely to me, but getting used to it, I decided that it was not without charm. The expression of his “face” seems to me much more predatory, aggressive than that of lizards of a typical color, although by his liking he is no different from them.

Stock Foto Leopard gecko decorative form without spots

Young lizards can be kept together for up to six months. Next, it is necessary to select males, which are easy to distinguish by the presence of preanal pores and a denser physique, and contain them individually. Leopard geckos reach puberty at the age of 1-1.5 years (depending on temperature and abundance of beggar). Total life expectancy is up to 15 years.
As already mentioned, the tail of eublefars performs the same physiological functions as the hump of a camel. Typically, touching the tail does not drop it, but shugda does. One of
the cubs had an extremely excitable character.

As soon as you hit the lid of the terrarium, he immediately arched his puffy back and started screaming. The sounds he made were very reminiscent of the hiss of bacon in a hot pan. One day, trying to pick it up, I slightly pressed the tail, half of which he immediately dropped. In a few days
it became noticeable that the lost part is growing back. The regeneration process took about a month. The reconstructed part has a blunter end and is devoid of characteristic ringiness. Tail loss does not always end well for eublefars. According to fellow terrarium workers. sometimes lizards, having lost their tail, die from exhaustion, despite plentiful food. It can be assumed that nutrients from the intestine are first deposited in the tail, and then are already spent on maintaining the body’s vital functions. The tail of a healthy lizard should be thick and fairly resilient. If he is skinny and flabby, then at least you need to strengthen the feeding. It can also indicate serious violations in the body of the animal.

The contents of these cute lizards are available even to novice terrariums. and communication with them brings a lot of joy. Eublefary. as a rule, they are not aggressive towards a person, they possess certain personality traits both in appearance and in behavior. It is easy to achieve their reproduction at home, which gives an extra reason to be proud of yourself and your pets.

Journal Aquarium 2002 №6

Eublefars are considered one of the easiest lizards to keep. They will be great pets for older children and adults. In fact, they live on the earth and, although they can climb the slopes, their possibilities are limited. Being nocturnal animals, they become most active precisely at this time of day. Small geckos can be gentle and sensitive, so young children should be very careful when handling.

Eoplefars can live about 20 years or more. They do not need a lot of space, and their needs can be easily met in any home. As for the color, it can be either plain or spotted. However, there is no difference in care and maintenance between ordinary and spotted eublefars.

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Eublefar: maintenance and care

As soon as the lizard recognizes its owner, it will not be opposed to communicate with it. Reptiles rarely bite or scratch , but they will try to protect themselves if they are scared. Eoplefars are more at risk if dropped. Gentle, regular treatment of small lizards is essential. When the lizards rise, they need to be supported by hand.

Eublefars no smell , if they are properly looked after. It is important to make sure that they ate the food they were given before giving more. You need to learn as much as possible about the pet’s diet, as giving them more food than they need can cause problems. Their droppings are too small and dry and should be removed as soon as they are discovered. They do not produce urine, so if their house is cleaned regularly, it does not need to be cleaned as often as another animal house. It is recommended that you clean and sanitize them regularly at home using a reptile-friendly disinfectant, but under normal circumstances you will need to do this once a month.

It is important to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after feeding or treating the lizard. Also wash hands after contact with any of their equipment. Always control the children to make sure they do not bring the gecko near their mouths.

You need to start by disinfecting the terrarium, you can wipe it white vinegar Do not use bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean the terrarium.

Geckos are easy to feed because they only eat insects. It is worth trying to avoid feeding one type of insect all the time and change their diet between:

  • Crickets;
  • Locusts;
  • Wax worms;
  • Mealyworms.

The insects that are part of the gecko’s diet must be in good condition and fed well before they are given to the lizard. There are several foods available for insects that ensure they are nutritious. Better to feed in the evening , when the gecko will be more active. Providing a small amount calcium powder may be beneficial for the gecko, as it provides healthy bone growth and development. As a guide feed little lizards every other day , whereas adults should be fed every two to three days

Although they do not drink water as often as other animals, fresh water should be available at all times in a small bowl Spraying gecko babies with water is also helpful until they learn how to get to the bowl of water. Lizards will drink small droplets just like they will drink morning dew in the wild.

Eublefar breeding

Typically, female leopard geckos are not sexually mature until they weigh 45 grams and reach the age of 9-10 months. To the north of the equator, geckos experience a breeding season, which lasts from January to September. Lizards hatching at the end of the year may not begin to lay eggs until next April. With females, you need to stop feeding 10 days before cooling, and then keep them at cool temperatures, while water is present 24/7 for six to eight weeks. Such geckos require a box.

When introducing a female eublefar to the male, the first thing you can hear is the male, which creates a tail vibration. It sounds like a very fast crackle. The receptive female is completely motionless, while the male captures her neck and participates in copulation. Successful pairing takes two to three minutes. After that, you need to pick up the eublefar female from the male.

Females of this gecko lay their eggs 16-22 days after mating. When the breeding season begins, it can be expected that the females lay eggs every 15-22 days for four to five months. Eoplefars can lay one or two eggs after the first mating in their life, resulting in 8 to 10 eggs mating in the first year. Eublefar geckos can produce between 80 and 100 eggs throughout their lives.

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

How to determine the gender?

Eublefars of both sexes are very similar, especially if there is no way to take them and look at the stomach. Having bought a gecko directly from the breeder, perhaps they already know the sex of the animal, since males and females incubate at different temperatures. But without knowing the gender, do not worry. Determining gender is easy.

Sometimes the hardest part in determining the sex of eublefars is simply to keep them motionless. Young geckos, unlike adult geckos, often have less pronounced differences. You can usually determine the gender of geckos aged three to four months The differences between geckos in males and females are quite noticeable. There are several key features that you need to find in order to determine the gender of eublefar.

How to maintain the health of eublefar?

As long as they are given the right food, care, attention and appropriate environment, geckos are usually free from problems. Providing heat, food, and vitamins is the most important aspect of their care in order to avoid long-term problems.

A representative of this species will be bright, with a tight tail, with strong legs, and will also be active in search of food at night. It was previously thought that reptiles can carry diseases that can infect humans. This is true for all animals, including dogs and cats, and this is no exception when it comes to reptiles. Personal hygiene is just as important for reptiles as it is for all other pet species. Pet owners should always wash their hands after contact with the animal, and pet food bowls should be washed separately.

Naturally, all lizards lose their skin, which comes off in small pieces. Sometimes you should help them get rid of their skin. This helps them access a wet area. This action may be to provide the terrarium with wet moss, which will help them remove old skin. This is especially important if it becomes noticeable that the skin does not fit around the eyes or legs.

The spotted eublefar is a lizard, which is also called the leopard gecko. Her homeland is Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, India, Iraq, Southern Iran. Lives in territories that are practically devoid of any vegetation. dry or semi-dry steppe, rocky slopes of the mountains. Reptiles are often kept at home, as it is unpretentious in care and has a short breeding period. Life span. 30 years.


The body length of an adult eublefar is 20–30 cm, with the males being much larger and longer than the females. The body of the reptile is covered with scales, the structure of which varies depending on the habitat. The limbs are of medium length, and the front legs are longer than the hind legs.

Scales on forelegs flat and uniform. On the forearms are scaly protrusions that resemble the dorsal gecko tubercles. The scales on the hind legs are tuberous and conical in shape.

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Claws lizards are represented by upper, lower and two side plates. With the help of claws, she easily moves on soft surfaces and coatings. The head is completely covered with large flat scales. It has a polygonal structure and a heterogeneous structure. When approaching the eye area, the granularity of the flakes begins to decrease.

The tail is quite long and makes up 1/3 of the entire reptile body. It is characterized by a sharp end and a bulge located in the middle. Eublefar, like all lizards, shed its tail, and in its place appears a smaller process.

A distinctive feature of the reptile is the color of its body. The main color of the upper part is yellow with a lemon tint. The entire surface of the body is strewn with a large number of spots of various sizes and shapes. The upper part of the limbs is also covered with small dots, and the lower one is tinted in white. Young reptiles have a large percentage of white color. Found among spotted eublefars and albinos.

Another decoration of the leopard reptile is her eyes. They are round, convex, slightly elongated. In eublefar, unlike most representatives of geckos, the eyelids are mobile and well developed, which gives it a pretty appearance.

Terrarium arrangement

Caring for eublefar is quite simple. The lizard drinks a lot, so it should have constant access to warm boiled water, which must be changed every other day.

An important lifetime of eublefar is the molting period. In this case, it is necessary to especially monitor the humidity of the terrarium, spraying it with warm water every day, because due to a lack of moisture it will be problematic for the lizard to discard the old skin. If on the skin there are still particles of the old skin, they are moistened with water and carefully removed with tweezers. Thanks to this, the pet can avoid unpleasant skin diseases.


The main diet of spotted eublefar:

  • various cockroaches;
  • crickets and other insects;
  • newborn mice;
  • mealy worms.

A special treat for the lizard is the Turkmen and marble cockroaches. From plant foods, reptiles give sweet fruits and young soft shoots. Food must contain calcium. It is especially necessary for young animals. The lizard is fed once a day in the evening, because at this time it shows the greatest interest in food.

If the pet refuses food, then do not worry. Eublefars are very fastidious in terms of nutrition and may not touch a dish that they do not like for several days. The fact that the reptile is full is evidenced by its well-fed tail.

Creating conditions for the content. is not particularly difficult. These are suitable even for a novice terrarium-keeper. The first thing you should think about before buying a pet is where the terrarium will be located, the second. do you have enough space and time, the third. is it possible for you to provide it with full nutrition, food (in more detail about this is in the "Feeding" ), the fourth and most important thing. after reading what’s understood, do you really want to take responsibility for the little one? In order to deal with the latter, the author will describe the most optimal conditions for the content of your future

People who just want to make themselves often ask themselves the question: "How much to start with. one or more so that they are not bored?". This is the question that often comes up

What Terrarium Is Needed For Eublephars

hear from beginners. You really need to decide for a start. how many individuals you want to acquire. It is desirable, of course, for starters, to take one individual and preferably a female. In this case, I express my opinion, realizing that some have the opposite experience, but I have to proceed from most cases, not exceptions. Why exactly a female?. Because females for the most part have a calmer character and are easier to maintain alone than males, since the latter are more often more restive in nature and during the rutting season (breeding season) can refuse food for a long time, which for a beginner can be interpreted as the beginning any disease. Another option is also preferable. to immediately acquire a male and several females (just a few, because during the breeding season the male shows increased persistence and one female will bother much throughout the season). A third option is also possible, which is practiced in those engaged in their professional breeding, namely, the male sits in a separate terrarium and mates with females only 1-2 times per season. While other females are in a separate terrarium, this option is the most optimal and maximally corresponds to their natural behavior.

For one, a horizontal type terrarium of 40 cm (width), 51 cm (length), 25 cm (height) is most preferred. Also, as a terrarium, you can use aquariums with a volume of at least 15-20 liters. This one does not need large volumes, which is associated with its natural way of life and, accordingly, makes it more universal in content with respect to many other types of lizards, which require large sizes of the terrarium, mini-pools, fountains, UV lamps, etc. lead a twilight lifestyle and, on this basis, they also need to equip the lighting and heating in the terrarium. The most suitable for this are low-power lamps. UV lamps are optional. The author himself does not use them and does not see any need for this. they can be clearly seen in daylight, at dusk and at night, so the presence of a lamp is simply the desire of the owner to highlight the interior decor of the terrarium and observe in all its beauty. Despite the fact that they have a twilight and nocturnal lifestyle at home, their activity can be mixed in the morning or afternoon, while poor lighting does not bother them. The placement of the terrarium should be in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall into it.

A prerequisite for good health and longevity of your pet is wintering. In this case, we mean the period of long rest of the gecko with a temporary drop in temperature (for several months, most often winter, to 22. 25 C and complete shutdown of additional heating), termination of feeding ( at the same time, a drinker with clean water is not cleaned for this time) and a short daylight hours (3-5 hours a day.). THE PERIOD OF LONG TERM QUESTION IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE HEALTH OF REPTILES.

Litter in the terrarium can serve as special paper, medium-sized soil, many lovers use clay modeling. Sand is extremely undesirable, as young individuals can sometimes eat it for no reason, it can enter the intestines with food and clog it. When making a terrarium, try to do without sand. For decor, you can put driftwood, on which they like to climb and relax. There are many design options and in various forums you can see and admire the imagination that the owners show for the design of their