What Terrarium Is Needed For The Red-Eared Turtle

What make out a terrarium with a red-eared turtle

Terrarium selection
Decorations for terrarium decoration
Equipment for a terrarium with a red-eared turtle.

What Terrarium Is Needed For The Red-Eared Turtle

Terrarium with a red-eared tortoise should be equipped with a certain design and equipment, we will try to figure this out now.
The trap is a water animal, but it also requires land, an islet. The water area is very important, water should dominate the land, the turtle must be provided with a terrarium in which it can freely swim and "sunbathe" on the island.

Terrarium volume

How much water does the red-eared turtle need?
One adult red-eared turtle requires at least 150 liters of water in the terrarium, plus land, which is approaching another 100 liters. Accordingly, the total volume of the terrarium turns out to be 250 liters in total, and this is only a minimum, since it is certainly better that the volume is larger. The principle is very simple. the more water, the purer and more transparent, the longer retains its proper qualities, and the turtle will only get better from this. The height of the water or its depth in the terrarium can range from 30 to 80 cm. By the way, high terrariums look great in combination with a floating turtle, this is a real sight!

Terrarium Forms

Over the many years of experience in the manufacture of terrariums for turtles, we have come to the conclusion that it is optimal for the maintenance of the Red-eared Turtle to use rectangular aqua terrariums with a length of 1 meter or more. For an adult red-eared turtle, the width of the tank should not be less than 40 cm, at least 35-37 cm. As for all kinds of cubic, triangular forms of corner terrariums, the turtle will be uncomfortable in them.

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Terrarium Equipment

We list the most necessary equipment:
Lamp with ultraviolet lamp Repti-Glo 5
Luminaire with a 40 W thermal mirror incandescent lamp
Water heater with thermostat
External thermometer

As for the lighting of the terrarium, everything seems to be clear here, but filtering the terrarium should be taken more seriously.

Filter for aqua terrarium with red-eared turtle

Filtration of the terrarium, one of the most important factors without which you can not do. The purity of water and the general aesthetic appearance of the terrarium depend on a quality filter. For aqua terrariums, sometimes even aquariums with a red-eared turtle, external canister-type filters are best suited. You can use an internal filter, but as a rule, internal filters in a terrarium with a turtle are not effective, they quickly become clogged and begin to spoil the water, instead of filtering it. External filters are more expensive, but a terrarium with a turtle is exotic, for the beauty of which requires certain cash costs.

External filters are also different. high-quality and questionable production. You should not buy a cheap filter, we know that the avaricious pays twice and if at one fine moment it flows out from you, you will have to not only buy a new filter, but also make repairs to your neighbors. We will not create a secret from what filters we complete the terrariums with, these are filters from the German company EHEIM (Eheim).
The Eheim 2215-02 classic filter is excellently suited for terrariums with red-eared tortoise with a volume of up to 250 liters; for terrariums with a volume of 250 liters or more, it is better to use the Eheim 2217-02 filter with a pump capacity of 1000 liters per hour. These classic filters, produced by EHEIM, have been produced for a very long time, today they are still the most reliable and fully functional. The canister of filters of this modification is filled with five or six rather thick filtering sponges that provide mechanical purification of water.
Considering a 50-70 percent, regular (once a week) water change in the terrarium and the degree of organic substances that fall into the water due to the activity of turtles, the biological filter will not work in the terrarium, but the mechanics will do just that. However, nitrifying bacteria also multiply and live on filter sponges, the substrate for bacteria is more effective, but in this case, biology is not required.

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We make a terrarium

3. For the soil, it is better to use large, non-sharp stones, so that the turtle would not be able to swallow them. We make terrariums with a red-eared turtle specialized import soil. The soil has an oval, slightly flat shape, all stones with a polished surface, a fraction of 4-8 cm, the color resembles a chestnut fruit, harmonizes well with the underwater landscape, there are also beige and black colors.

6. For registration, you can use medium-sized grottoes, stones, shells, snags. When designing a terrarium, remember that you should not clutter the terrarium with various additional decorations, just what has been listed is enough to leave a place for swimming of the turtle itself, because this is the most beautiful sight!

Choosing a Terrarium Aquarium for the Turtle