What You Need For A Terrarium With Plants

Do it yourself do florarium

What You Need For A Terrarium With Plants

Florarium. DIY mini-greenhouse

What is needed to create a florarium?

Capacity. For florariums use a variety of containers, ranging from aquariums and ending with bottles and glasses. It is most convenient to plant plants in rectangular vessels, but some manage to create compositions in shades and even in ordinary bulbs.

What You Need For A Terrarium With Plants

Plants. The microclimate that forms in closed containers is ideal for tropical plants that require high humidity. These include selaginella, pylaea, calathea, fern, dwarf ficus, column, gloriosa, calamus, ivy, balsam, alocasia, croton, rheo, ripsalis, moss, peperomia. If you are interested in blooming, then you should opt for certain types of orchids, cyclamens and azaleas.

The soil. At the bottom of the vessel must necessarily be drainage: shell rock, small pebbles, coarse sand, expanded clay, etc. You will also need charcoal, which will prevent the appearance of a putrefactive odor that occurs with excess moisture. The soil can be either leafy or with the addition of peat or sand.

What You Need For A Terrarium With Plants

Decorative elements. The role of such elements can be played by stones, bark, miniature figures of animals or people and any other things of a small size. The main thing is that the presence of decorative elements is subject to a certain idea or plot.

The process of making florarium

Now consider the traditional algorithm for the production of florarium. As a rule, it includes the following sequence of actions.

Material prepared by http://rmnt.net 1. Drainage is poured onto the bottom of the tank, which should occupy at least 1/3 of the soil (in most cases, from 2 to 3 cm). 2. From above, first add a layer of charcoal (1-2 cm), and then moistened soil (up to 5 cm). 3. Dig up the selected plants, not forgetting to prune too long roots. 4. Plants are placed in a container already in pots or hollows are made for planting in the prepared soil, planting low plants near the walls of the vessel, and high ones in the center. It is important to consider that in the future plants will grow. 5. Spray everything with water. 6. Add additional elements to the composition, which must be washed before. 7. In the end, if necessary, the vessel with plants is closed.

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Florarium is easier to care for than most indoor plants. Nevertheless, so that he does not lose his appearance, you need to regularly water the plants and monitor the cleanliness of the container itself.